hey im tom, im a 22 year old male ENFP and i love love, bearded dudes and dready chicks
my life is a clusterfuck of what the fuck and chances are i like you already
I'm a rainbow fractal gnome who's kinda queer and got stuck in an amanita trip so now im 6 feet tall
This is my cat she's cooler than me
More about me
Music I dig.
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 spunions spinning

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big dumb baby cat

frosted flakes are 5000000x better dry than wet

hematite in quartz?

some shrooms at night

Sabin Bălaşa

"Fuzzy hair is radiant. My hair is electric. It picks up all the vibrations."

-  Jimi Hendrix (via therealmack10)

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Mom: What smells so good?
Me: Witchcraft.
Mom: Witchcraft smells like lavender and basil?
Me: Yes.

1. Latin: “tree of life”.
2. Neuroanatomy: the cerebellar white matter in the brain, so called for its branched, tree-like appearance. It brings sensory and motor information to and from the cerebellum.
3. Female reproduction: “arbor vitæ uteri” - a part of the canal of the cervix.
4. Victorian slang: the penis.
[Benny Andersson - Tree of Life]

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tooth fairy by fleshgoredon