hey im tom, im a 22 year old male ENFP and i love love, bearded dudes and dready chicks
my life is a clusterfuck of what the fuck and chances are i like you already
I'm a rainbow fractal gnome who's kinda queer and got stuck in an amanita trip so now im 6 feet tall
oh, and i fucking love papadosio
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Anonymous asked: I'm just starting to take Prozac (just like the 10mg dosage) n i was wondering if it was okay to smoke pot? I'm scared to try so i thought you might have some insight

no idea i am not a doctor and i dont really fuck with pills!!! except for an occasional k-pin to help come down if i get a bit too spun…but thats very rare. but smoking weed on those are awesome but its obviously a different substance…

google is your friend in this scenario and i would imagine like with everything, some people would have a good time and some might have a bad reaction…always start small and do ur research fully!!!



maybe try some 5-HTP but idk ive never used it myself but ive heard good things

just dont abuse it or take it before you roll or else youll fuck your brain chems over

mumumindy asked: hey buttfacee

what uuuup buttmunch :~)


Undulatus Asperatus
These ominous clouds are a new Cloud Type (2009) since over 50 years.

Tsuguharu Hosoya, Autumn flame

Papadosio with Lotus’ guitarist,  Mike Rempel. #mindblown

Toad party



so many friends are at red rocks right now and im so jealous!!! its gonna be a night for the history books for sure at least in dosioland

so excited for my boys to be playin their first show at the best venue in the country ^___^

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Artist on tumblr - @Caitlin Hackett is an illustrator and creature concept designer based out of Oakland CA.

I create work that reflects both my passion for the natural world, and my sorrow over its destruction. I am fascinated by the fragile boundary that separates humans from animals, and the way that boundary is transformed and illuminated in mythology, religious symbolism and fairy tales alike throughout different cultures around the world. I have art available for sale at www.caitlinhackett.storenvy.com



Aleksandra Waliszewska



Glowing mushrooms - Mycena lux-coeli 
Like fireflies, luminescent squid, and other so-called bioluminescent organisms, glow-in-the-dark mushrooms contain an enzyme known as luciferin. When luciferin is oxidized (i.e. comes in contact with oxygen), it emits energy in the form of light, which causes organisms containing it to glow.
Numerous species of Mycena form luminescent mycelium and/or fruiting bodies. No fewer than 26 species of Mycena have been reported as bioluminescent. This one in the picture is Mycena lux-coeli, native to Japan where it is found almost solely on large shi-no-ki trees (Castanopsis sieboldii, or chinkapins in English), one of the dominant climax species in the native forests of the Kii Peninsula in Japan.
References: [1] - [2]
Photo credit: ©Masahisa Uemura | Locality: Nachikatsuura, Higashimuro District, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan (2013)

Does a glow in the dark mushroom leave a glow in the dark spore print?

Well, first of all, one of the distinctive features of the fungi in the Mycena genus is that they are characterized by a white spore print. Secondly, of the several species of Mycena reported as bioluminescent in the literature, some have luminescent mycelium and also the fruiting bodies, some only the mycelium, other only the fruiting bodies, and a few (2) only the spores.
As far as I’ve read, Mycena lux-coeli is one of those species in which only the fruiting body glows, so I suppose that its spore print, white, does not glow in the dark.
Here you can find a paper that lists all species of glowing Mycena.