hey im tom i am a male im 21 im an ENFP and i love love
my life is a clusterfuck of what the fuck and chances are i like you already
This is my cat she's cooler than me
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The Shining is a film meant to be watched both forwards and backwards.

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skateboarding 2014

Larry Carlson, Darkstar Journey, 2014.

Colin Elder - Our Empyrean Riddle 

omg there was half a bowl pack in my deems bowl…….

Anonymous asked: Do you use hempwick without beeswax for vegan reasons or health reasons? I'm curious cause I've never thought it could be bad for your health! o:

i just like the non-waxed wick because every time ive ever bought the crap with the wax coating it makes my weed taste like shit, it makes me cough like 5x more than just using a regular lighter, made me mad i spent money on it, and the waxless just…looks nicer idk lol


Happening NOW: 30,000 Chinese workers strike at the world’s largest producer of athletic shoes such as Nike and Adidas over pay, benefits, and the right to choose a union. The strike, China’s largest in decades, has shutdown production for two weeks and caused the company’s stock price to plummet.

Bloomberg News reports:
"Workers have disrupted production in Yue Yuen’s Dongguan factory complex, which employs more than 40,000 people, since April 14 in a dispute over pay, benefits and the right to pick their own union. More than 50 percent of the workers were on strike today, Liu said. China Labour Watch, which estimated the striking workers at about 30,000, said a small number had returned to work, without quantifying it.”

beats antique - skeleton key

i have a feeling that one day this summer im going to just get up and go somewhere far away and see how long it takes me to get back

ok im gonna go do something with my life or something


peace out


i went to 3 different headshops yesterday looking for both nitrous and hempwick without that goddamn beeswax bullshit coating on it and all 3 shops had NOTHING what the actual fuck i couldnt get my friend birthday balloons AND they were all like ‘youre the only person who has ever asked for the hempwick without the beeswax’ and stared at me like i was the crazy one well im sorry all your customers probably smoke spice too so i dont really think they care about their health you know